Thessaloniki, June 1st 2020

Dear Guest,

We are reopening and ready to host you.

It has been 70 days since we were instructed to suspend our operation to limit the spread of COVID 19.

During the lockdown, we have consistently kept our regular inspections and maintenance plan, emphasising on new requirements and safety rules.

Meanwhile, we kept remodelling and refreshing guest rooms, targeting on further upgrading our services.


Safety is one of our fundamental principles.

We will continue offering excellent services and positive experiences while enhancing health and safety rules in our facilities.

Among other actions, we have established:

  • Ongoing training for our employees (especially on health and safety issues)
  • Redefined and detailed cleaning procedures, introducing new, approved disinfecting products
  • Upgraded safety rules and use of protection equipment.
  • Information- Signage- Supervision- Disinfecting stations
  • Updated action plan
  • Keeping up with W.H.O. & EODY announcements and monitoring COVID 19 updates

We encourage our guests to contact us should they require assistance or wish to suggest improvements.

ABC Hotel is not just a building.

It is a living organisation devoted to offering hospitality in a safe environment

We are proud of our Staff as they are always committed, professional and taking care of details so as to make you feel ‘at home’.

It’s all about our guests

It’s all about you



The ABC Hotel Management