June Highlights in Thessaloniki

As June arrives, Thessaloniki welcomes the onset of summer full of energy and excitement. As the temperatures rise, the city’s lively atmosphere intensifies, ushering in a season of festivals, outdoor activities, and cultural celebrations. With longer days, both locals and tourists find themselves drawn to the numerous events that mark the beginning of the summer season. Thessaloniki has lots to offer in the summer. In this guide, we highlight the must-do activities and events that will make your June here unforgettable.


To kick off the summer vibe, Thessaloniki is setting the stage for an unforgettable series of concerts this month. With many famous artists and various genres, you will definitely find something for every ear.

Here are a few of the concerts lined up:


Sunday June 2nd at 20:45
Thanassis Papakonstantinou at Theatre of the Earth (Theatro Gis)

Wednesday June 5th at 21:30
Michalis Hatzigiannis & Helena Paparizou “Our Summer”  at Forest Theatre (Theatro Dasous)

Thursday June 6th at 21:30
Giannis Kotsiras at Forest Theatre (Theatro Dasous)

Saturday June 8th at 21:00
Pyx Lax with a Symphony Orchestra at Theatre of the Earth (Theatro Gis)

Tuesday June 11th at 21:15
Alkinoos Ioannides at Theatro Kipou

Saturday June 15th 21:00
Archive at Moni Lazariston

Monday June 17th at 21:30
Marina Satti Live at Moni Lazariston

Wednesday June 26th
Eleni Foureira at Paok Sports Arena at 21:00

Ara Malikian at Moni Lazariston  at 21:00

Click here to find all the concerts and more info about them. 


Step into the future of art and technology at Dali-Cybernetics, an innovative exhibition located at Warehouse C’ near the Experimental Arts Center and the Museum of Photography in Thessaloniki’s artistic hub, Provlita A. This avant-garde showcase seamlessly merges the surrealism of Salvador Dalí with cutting-edge cybernetic concepts. Explore mind-bending installations, engage with digital artworks, experience the art of Dali through virtual reality and feel the fusion of creativity and innovation in this dynamic exhibition space. It takes place until 29/06/2024.
Find more about it here.


Celebrate love, diversity, and equality at EuroPride 2024, taking place from June 21st to 29th in the vibrant city of Thessaloniki. This event is a joyful gathering of LGBTQ+ individuals and allies from all over Europe. From colorful parades to thought-provoking discussions, cultural events, and dazzling parties, EuroPride 2024 offers a platform for unity and inclusion, reaffirming Thessaloniki’s commitment to equality and acceptance for all.
Find out about the theme and the events of EuroPride 2024 here.


Last but not least is the summer experience you cannot miss, a sail aboard Karavakia in Thessaloniki. Hop aboard the Konstadis boat from May to October for a swift 50-minute ride connecting Thessaloniki’s port and the Blue Flag beaches of Peraia and Neoi Epivates. Enjoy easy access to sun, sand, and sea during the summer months!
Find everything about the daily routes here.


June has arrived, and with it, an open invitation Thessaloniki. If any of these events have piqued your interest, now is the perfect time to plan your visit to our city and make lasting memories. Make the most of your stay by booking with us at ABC Hotel, ensuring comfortable stay throughout your Thessaloniki adventure.