The March 25 Parade in Thessaloniki

In the heart of Thessaloniki, every 25th of March unfolds a celebratory concert of history, identity, and hope of the Greek people. The parade in Thessaloniki is a unique way for the city to showcase its cultural heritage and express its patriotism. With the participation of thousands of people, from young children to military units and cultural clubs, the parade becomes a unique dance of unity and tradition. Every participant carries in their eyes the flame of national history, while the city exudes an atmosphere of freedom and renewal.


Beyond the central parade, Thessaloniki offers a plethora of cultural events that pay tribute to Greek history, with exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, and lectures that highlight the rich cultural heritage of the region.

The parade in Thessaloniki, beyond honoring the heroes of 1821, symbolizes resilience, renewal, and hope. It is a day when residents and visitors of the city come together to recognize their historical heritage, to show the continuity of their patriotism, and to reaffirm their commitment to the progress and unity of the city and the country.