Summer and Arts in Thessaloniki

July is here and we’re in the heart of summer. The longer days and balmy evenings provide
the perfect backdrop for a vibrant array of artistic events. From live concerts and theatrical
performances to open-air cinemas and the annual book festival, the city’s summer arts
scene offers something for everyone. Here’s a glimpse into the artistic events that light up
Thessaloniki every summer. Join us in exploring the rich array of artistic offerings that make
Thessaloniki a summer destination like no other.


Summer in Thessaloniki is synonymous with music. The city hosts a variety of concerts that
cater to diverse musical tastes. These concerts often feature both local and international
artists. Attending an open-air concert is one of the most magical experiences of summer,
whether in a lush park, by the beach, or in a historic square, music concerts bring
communities together under the stars. Here are some of the season’s most eagerly
anticipated concerts:


Tuesday & Wednesday July 2nd and 3rd at 20:00
The Opera Project at Thessaloniki Concert Hall

Friday July 5th at 21:30
Metallica Tribute Band: Scream Inc

Monday 3rd of July at 21:30
Despina Vandi | 30 years at Theater of the Earth (Theatro Gis)

Wednesady 10 th of July at 21:30
Vassilis Papakontsantinou at Theater of the Earth (Theatro Gis)

Monday 15 th of July at 21:30
Antonis Remos at Theater of the Earth (Theatro Gis)

Wednesady 17 th of July at 21:00
Giannis Haroulis at Theater of the Earth (Theatro Gis)

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Thessaloniki’s theatrical tradition is celebrated with numerous summer productions. The
city’s theaters, such as the Theatre of the Forest (Theatro Dasous), offer a magical setting for
dramatic performances. Each summer, these venues host a series of plays that range from
ancient Greek tragedies to modern dramas. The “Forest Festival” (Dasous Festival) is a
standout event, drawing theater enthusiasts from across Greece and beyond.


3rd & 4th of July at 21:15
Plutus at Theatro Dasous

14th, 15th and 16th of July at 21:30
Hercules Furens at Theatro Dasous

22nd & 23rd of July at21:30
Hamlet at Theatro Dasous

24th, 25th and 26th of July
Don Quixote at Theatro Dasous

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The tradition of open-air cinema is a beloved aspect of Thessaloniki’s summer nights. Several
parks and courtyards transform into temporary cinemas, offering screenings of classic films,
recent releases, and independent movies. These screenings provide a unique experience,
allowing audiences to enjoy movies under the stars. The atmosphere is relaxed and
communal, with locals and tourists alike enjoying their snacks and drinks to enjoy during the
Some of the open-air cinemas are Apollon, Ellinis 1, Ellinis 2 and Natalie.


For literature enthusiasts, Thessaloniki offers a wealth of book-related events throughout
the summer. The most prominent is the Thessaloniki Book Fair, that this year takes place on
5th to 21st of July at Nea Paralia. This book fair is known to publishers, authors, and readers
from across Greece. Attendees can browse through stalls filled with books of all genres,
attend readings, and participate in discussions and workshops. Come and find your next
favorite book amidst the vibrant literary atmosphere.


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