Ladadika: A favorite destination in Thessaloniki

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  • 10. 7. 2020
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Is there anyone that visited Thessaloniki and didn’t go to Ladadika at least once? Probably not!

It’s the perfect nightlife choice for both locals and tourists.
Ladadika is located in a very central spot, close to the port and Eleftherias Square. The easy access is one of the location’s advantages.

Ladadika & History

Ladadika is a district with great historic history for Thessaloniki. Its name came from the many olive oil shops in the area. Before World War I the area was infamous, while after the big fire in 1917 lost its dynamic and gradually was being abandoned. In 1985 Ladadika was listed an area with cultural value from the Ministry of Culture. Nowadays, the buildings with the 19th-century architectural style are preserved and protected.

In the area, you can find now plenty of cafés, bars, restaurants and taverns that will cover all your preferences, whichever they are.

But what makes Ladadika so special?

The neoclassical buildings have been restored in a great way, preserving thought their character and the style of the old town of Thessaloniki. Old meets new and the outcome is really amazing.

In Ladadika you can find the best nightlife choices in the city. University students, locals and tourists fill the area every day.

  • 10. 7. 2020
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